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I have always loved sports. Anything that involved running, jumping & dancing! I was very competitive as a kid. I ALWAYS wanted to be first at everything! In high school I discovered more sports such as track & Field, Martial Arts and Modern Dance. I wasn’t very good at Dance but I did enjoy it. After High school I continued to enjoy fitness. I took yoga, body toning, step aerobics, weight training & running classes in college. I enjoyed them all so much! I started to see how exercise made people happy. The classes gave everyone a chance to meet new people and make new friends. But even in college I didn’t see myself as a fitness Instructor or business owner. I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

After College I was a laborer at a large construction company. I liked my job, but I didn’t love it. I would feel sore everyday from shoveling, heavy lifting, weedeating & backpack spraying. I was afraid of injuring myself and being crippled in my 20’s so I started thinking about a steady job for the future that would have flexible hours and be easier on my body.

I tried pole dancing at my bachelorette party. Initially, I equated pole dancing to stripping and thought it would be something fun and sexy to try. However, I soon realized it wasn’t like stripping at all! We learned how to spin, and how to try and feel sexy. We kept our clothes on! After my party I knew I wanted to go back and try it again. The studio offered weekly classes, so I made the hour drive 3 nights a week to take classes. I was hooked!!! All I could think about was pole class!!!

A few months went by and the studio I attended was hiring instructors. Just for fun I applied and tried out. I got hired!!! I was so excited!!! I couldn’t wait to start teaching! I taught at that studio for a year before the hour drive started to get to be too much. That, and I been thinking about trying to start a family. I quit working at the studio in Sacramento and just practiced at my house with my own pole. YouTube was my inspiration!!! My favorite Polers to watch were Felix Cane, Pantera Blacksmith, Jamilla, Fawnia, and Jenyne Butterfly. I would watch their videos all the time! This was in 2008; I had no idea that Pole was such a big deal! How had I lived so long without ever hearing of pole dance as fitness? I started to have dreams of opening my own studio.

The years between 2008 and 2020 (before COVID-19) pole had made some big changes. There were so many different options for students. Many more studios had opened up all around the world. You could find a studio or gym within a few hours or few minutes from where you lived. I opened my own studio in June 2014 in Marysville, Ca. I taught so many pole classes, circus classes and had student showcases, trained for competitions and more!!! Unfortunately with COVID-19 I was forced to close my studio in August 2020. I’m still teaching via Zoom for my students to learn from home.


Pole has changed my life! It has given me confidence in myself, inner and outer strength that I never thought was possible, and the new found ability to be more social and no so shy around people. My dream is to share my love of Pole Fitness and Dance with everyone who takes my classes.

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