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Pole Fit Level 1 - Adults Only

Beginners Pole Class that is all about learning basic technique: climbs, spins and floor work. This class prepares you for Level 2 and 3. Wear leggings and socks, bring pole shorts to change into after the warm-up. Avoid putting lotion or oils on your skin before class.

Pole Fit Level 2 - Adults Only

Intermediate Pole Class that's all about building up more strength and putting combos together. You will learn inverts, climbing higher on the pole, longer combos with inverts and shapes that require more flexibility. You will be required to wear pole shorts, sports bra and must bring your own pole grip aids.

Pole Fit Level 3 - Adults Only

Advanced Pole Class that is all about smoothing out transitions, longer combos on both spinning and static pole. Requirements: must be able to aerial invert, inside and outside leg hang with no hands, Superman on both sides, aerial shoulder mount on both sides. You must wear pole shorts, sports bra and bring your own pole grip aids.


Headstands, handstands, balance and stretching! This class is all levels.


A mix of Pilates and Yoga based movement to get you stronger and more flexible. Each class will be a little bit different. Every exercise and stretch can be modified or made more challenging. This class is great for all levels.

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