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What Should I wear? What is proper workout Pole attire?

If you are a Level 1 (Beginner) It’s best to wear Shorts under yoga pants/capris, a sports bra and tank top. Bringing Socks and legwarmers is optional. The best shorts are dance or volleyball shorts that have a 1-2” inseam and are fitted, not loose. The reason to wear the shorts under your pants is for your own comfort. Some people are too shy to wear shorts their first class while others love showing off their legs. So if you wear pants and halfway through class decide you want to wear shorts, all you have to do is take off a layer instead of going to change or trying to roll your pants up.


If you are Level 2 (Intermediate) or Level 3(Advanced) it’s a requirement to wear shorts to class to perform the moves. You can still wear your shorts under your pants. Your skin is what sticks to the pole. You can still show up wearing yoga pants over your shorts for warm-up and floor work, sports bra and tank top. Socks are optional but legwarmers are highly recommended.


How do I know what Level I am?

Ask your Instructor. If you have never taken a pole class/lesson/party before you are Level 1. If you have played on a pole at a friend’s house, at a party or have only taken a few classes you are Level 1.  After you learn the basics and can be more confident in your spins and you’re able to climb and sit without it hurting badly then you are ready for Level 2. The instructor will tell you when you are ready. If you have taken classes for a few months, have been able to do one handed spins, hold a headstand, start to invert but can’t quite get Superman, or inside & outside leg hang you are not quite ready for Level 3. Once you can invert easily from a climb, enter and exit Superman easily, enter and exit inside & outside leg hang easily then you’re ready for Level 3. The instructor will tell you when you’re ready.


How & When do I sign up for Classes?

Signing up for classes is easy. Click the button below to schedule online or Text/Call Natalie 530-300-4202 and she will go over the details.


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