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These rules are in place so everyone can have the best studio experience possible. People come here to get a workout, release stress, stretch, gain confidence, discover new things, regroup after a long day at work, and learn to love the skin they're in. Please follow these rules and respect the studio, your instructor and fellow classmates. Keep Elevated Fitness Studio the Sparkling Happy Place it is intended to be!

— with love and appreciation,


Old-Fashioned Clock


Show up to class on time. Arrive 5-10 minutes early to give your self time to get dressed or other preparations to insure you get the most out of your class.

  • If you're late, do not interrupt the current class, quietly do your own warm-up and join class when it's appropriate.

  • Remember that your membership expires 30 days from the purchase date. You must purchase another membership or pay a drop-in fee for any classes attended after your membership has expired. If you need a reminder of your expiration date, let Natalie know and she will text/message you 1 week prior.

  • Drop-ins must reserve a spot for classes at least a day in advance. No walk-ins. Show up to classes 5-10 minutes early to pay and sign the liability waiver and the Sign-in Sheet.

Confident Fit Woman


  • Pole: Wear leggings, socks/footies, shorts, sports bra, knee pads, or tank top.

  • Circus Freaks: Wear leggings, sports bra, fitted shirt or leotard. No socks, no shorts, no mid-drifts, no baggy clothing or street clothes. Your clothing can not restrict movement.

  • Fit & Bendy: Wear leggings or workout shorts, sports bra, workout shirt, socks or bare feet.

  • No jewelry. No rings, dangling or hoop earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or watches. They can get tangled in the fabric or scratch poles, they can cause serious injury to yourself or instructor who maybe spotting you any stud piercings worn are at student's own risk.)

  • No hair in your face or eyes. Hair should be in a ponytail or bun for Circus Freaks, Fit & Bendy and Splits & Backbends. Optional for Pole Fit.

  • No long fingernails. They must be filed down to avoid snagging silks or accidentally scratching yourself or instructor who maybe spotting you.

  • Personal hygiene. Please be considerate of others. Shower or bathe prior to class, use deodorant, wear clean clothes, etc. Clean hands and clean feet if you have been wearing sandals and have dirty feet they need to be cleaned before attending class. Wet wipes will be available.)

Dancer with Hoop


  • Poles and aerial equipment. Do not attempt to adjust the poles that need to be manually adjusted from static to spin or spin to static. Do not attempt to hang or lower aerial equipment such as silks, hammocks or Lyra. Do not swing on or jump aggressively on equipment. Please clean your pole and area when class is done. No shoes of any kind on studio floors. Street shoes are only allowed on the carpet walking to the restroom and in the seating area.

  • Mirrors. When moving around on the floor or spinning on equipment, keep a safe distance from mirrors to avoid accidentally kicking the mirrors. Do not lean on or touch the mirrors.

Yoga Team


  • General Rules. No cursing during Kido's classes or while children are present. No chewing gum during class, no food on the studio flooring, eating food is only allowed in the seating area. Bring water, stay hydrated. Using cell phones to record your progress is OK but please leave your phone conversations and social media engagement for later. Students are forbidden from teaching each other tricks - your instructor is the only person who can teach.

  • Personal Belongings. The studio provides cubicles for storage during class hours, there are changing rooms and a restroom. Don't leave your clothes in the restroom or changing rooms, don't leave your purse or gym bag sitting on top of the chairs, people may want to sit down. Please label all your personal items such as grip, clothing, gym bag and water bottle to avoid any confusion.

  • Beverages, clothing and grip aids are not FREE.

    • Water, Coffee and Tea - $1.00 each
      Help yourself but please keep track and remember to pay.

    • Leggings, Shorts, Tops, Knee Pads and Socks are available for rent
      - $1.00 each
      When done, do not take them home, put them in studio laundry.

    • Grip Aids - $1.00 per class
      If you're a new student, no charge but after 3rd class please pay.

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